Eclipse Edward's POV (on hold)

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Daisy Nielson By Daisy-N Updated 4 years ago
We all know that Eclipse is from Bella's POV (Point Of View), but what about Edward Cullen, her husband (in Breaking Dawn)? Why can't he have his side of the Twilight saga Eclipse told to the world? Well, this is his POV of Eclipse.
    AUTHOR NOTE: I am not Team Edward or Team Jacob, I am Team Paul, okay? XD Just want to point that out XD
You had a couple spelling mistakes other than that I loved it
I have to agree with @Kkrryy, I understand the effort but all you really have done here is just flip the story. Its just as flat as Bella's POV. Edward is a man of many words and many emotions. I am having a hard time staying focused because it is almost word for word.
traduzao ele por favor... fika dificil pra qem naum fala ou le ingles.... to curiosa pra ler kkkk.. kiss
This is nearly word for word unless you absolutely have to change it. I've read eclipse so many times I would know
Love this! I'm team Emmett btw lol.
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Woow! It's kinda creepy how Edward-y you made him...I was worried he'd be OOC.