Hiccstrid One-Shots

Hiccstrid One-Shots

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Just a few Hiccup and Astrid One-Shots based on the How To Train Your Dragon Franchise and the Modern World. 

Now, if you don't know what Hiccstrid is, watch How To Train Your Dragon. 

Will only contain the Hiccstrid pairing. Nothing else. Mostly How To Train Your Dragon 1-2, Riders and Defenders of Berk.

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I do that all the time but I read Hiccstrid to help me sleep...its weird ik
Me: Astrid and Hiccup sitting in a tree!
                              Astrid: Oh shut up! *throws rock at my head*
Lone_GirlWolf Lone_GirlWolf Oct 24, 2015
Merrily impossible.......... Well not really if Hiccup's head goes to the right and Astrid to the left then they would be facing the same way just think about it and you'll know I'm right. PLEASE!!!!! Do NOT think I'm trying to be mean