Sobbing In The Orchards (The Halcyon Trilogy #1)

Sobbing In The Orchards (The Halcyon Trilogy #1)

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"The nightingales are sobbing in
the orchards of our mothers,
And hearts that we broke long ago
have long been breaking others;
Tears are round, the sea is deep:
roll them overboard and sleep."
-W.H. Auden


Ryan Gomes and Scarlett Park have been best friends ever since their mothers disappeared on the same exact day with no explanation. A decade later, they've become resigned to normal, albeit empty lives - and it only gets worse when Scarlett's aunt seemingly vanishes on the 10th anniversary of the first two disappearances. 

Tired of the mysteries, Scarlett, Ryan, and Ryan's brother Tomas follow what clues are left on a hunt to find where exactly their family members went. To their surprise, this investigation leads them not to a conspiracy, but to another world entirely.

This world is beautiful and magnetic, but dangerous and strange. Here, wolves howl at the sea foam moon as vampires get drunk on elf blood; here, fée princes make deals with foxes and goblins rule with iron fists. Here is where they've always belonged - the land of Halcyon.

With the help of many a non-human creature, the orphans must venture further into this dimension and find their guardians. But when all is said and done, will they be able to succeed, or will the dark, idyllic current of the land of Halcyon overtake them?

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