Secret Crush

Secret Crush

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Thannujah Mathiy By luckycharms Completed

Naomi Valentine and Gale Dallas were once the best of friends, but entering high school changed everything.

Gale, with his great looks, money, charm, and art skills, instantly earned himself the title of Mr. Popular.

Naomi, however, had to stay back and watch her long time crush become a boy she doesn't know anymore, because unlike him, she was average looking, shy and a little bit of a nerd. 

But three years after their split, when their teacher pairs them up for an assignment, Naomi's past emotions come pouring back into her. Especially when Gale tries to open up to her.

Little does she know what she’s getting herself into for her secret crush.

After all, getting involved with the rich and popular means being in a world filled with lying, cheating, drama, jealousy and obsessive mothers.

I'm inlove with my bestfriend too but he's inlove with my friends
salceduh salceduh Mar 01
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Niall!! Happy birthday to you!
i have a black hair and a dark brown eyes too, You sound like an Asian or maybe its just mr
cmaciel2000 cmaciel2000 Mar 13
Just happened to me and my bestfriend with our now ex bestfriend. Getting both of your faces x'd out in your picture of three and having them put it as their kik profile picture kind of says it all. As well as being ignored and tuned put by that person
I'm dating my best friend after a few years of nonstop major hints
vishali1997 vishali1997 Feb 05
Very huge memories about my high school life as I read your 1st part of this story..:)