21 Side Effects (n.s.)

21 Side Effects (n.s.)

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なつき By HarrylookingatNiall Updated Apr 06, 2017

In which Niall has 21 water bottles which give him different side effects. 

From becoming hybrid to wanting to cross dress for a day to becoming attracted to his mates.

Or Niall thinks he bought a regular 20 pack of water but really he didn't and now he has to face all temporary side effects to continue his regular life. 


 ♡ Thanks to @XxWildFangirlxX for the amazing cover  ♡

First Published: 08/12/15

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euphoric_sensation euphoric_sensation Jul 31, 2016
Idk I added this story to my library soooooo long ago. I mean it's been a year or sth since I added it. But I never thought of reading it. Wut? BUT I'M LOVING DIS ALREADY
angelcolts angelcolts Oct 27, 2016
I have read this the fifth time now, uh, I have a sad life 😭
AuntieJsANarry AuntieJsANarry Mar 29, 2016
I am going to read this.  I am going to take a chonce. :D  I am a Narry and Ziam girl but I am going to take a chonce on this. lol!!
Blondhes Blondhes Sep 20, 2015
I like this; the whole description as well as this little touch. I'm so ready