Demon's Tale.

Demon's Tale.

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Park Chan Neul is a happy baby girl from a wealthy family. She only her parents. They live far from Seoul in her so called fresh and lively resident in Jinan.
One day, the family involve in a car accident and both Chan Neul's parents died on that night.
And that time, a group of  people come to take care of her.
The group consists of 12 grown up guys swore to take care of her till their last breathe.
She thought that they were her guardian angels but one day she discovered their secret,
They are actually demons . . .

[Suitable for the ages of 13 and above]

xx__Bts__xx xx__Bts__xx Jun 09
OPPAAA~ *tries acting cute but fails miserably* Wtf I sound like a dying gorilla 😂😂😂
"Baekhyun the human" 
                              I believe he is a bacon, was a bacon will remain a bacon.
I would go look around for a bit just in case I find Sehun. ;)
I can't imagine Chanyeol as the princess when it should be Baekhyun.
nekopudding nekopudding Jan 29
*sees Baek in the cover* BAEKON..I was gonna say Baekhyun then I screamed Baekon...😂
nekopudding nekopudding Jan 29
Xiao Lu actually likes to have CGI effects or somethin' as a power like wtf Lu 😂😂😂