Best Friends and Mates

Best Friends and Mates

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kauigirl By kauigirl Updated Sep 10, 2014

Being in love with your best friend is tricky, but when your best friend is a werewolf it becomes even trickier. Especially when he’s destined to find a soul mate and the chances of it being a human are one in twenty. Such is the dilemma that Julia finds herself in.

She’s been in love with her best friend Christopher since they were kids. She’s always known the chances of her being his mate were stacked against her, her being human and all, but she still hoped.

Finally the day of his eighteenth birthday arrives and when she gives him his birthday hug she feels…nothing. The sparks and tingles that should be there aren‘t. Christopher isn’t bothered in the least but Julia is crushed.

Having your hopes dashed is a horrible feeling, but watching as the guy you’ve loved almost your whole life finds the love of his…is crushing.