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Our Otaku Problems

Our Otaku Problems

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Fangirl2.0 By Greasy_Paladins Updated Aug 06, 2015

This is how hard our lives normal people!! This also includes so true anime stuff

ChaoticCake ChaoticCake Apr 13, 2016
I WANNA GO TO JAPAN! and how is this a problem? that's a good way to spend your money!
VaughanGirl VaughanGirl Jul 19, 2016
I would do that, but I'm as broke as that vase that Haruhi knocked over.
MisstressPhantomhive MisstressPhantomhive Aug 19, 2016
Yeah....*remembers the last splurge and looks at stuff*....Mhm...empty out your wallet sounds about right.
LoNeWolf63t LoNeWolf63t Sep 28, 2016
Am I the only guy on wattpad????? I ain't watching Yaoi... or Yuri... I just want reg romance anime.
RingTailedAJ RingTailedAJ Jun 26, 2016
I was reading a fanfiction for the second time ever... That's when I discovered Yaoi & Lemons...😍
akabamelily akabamelily Nov 28, 2016
I always knew what yaoi ment
                              Even before  I started watching anime
                              (thanks to my sister)
                              But I still don't know what some of the other terms mean