Finn x Reader

Finn x Reader

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princess_moustache By JamieP00p_ Updated Dec 17, 2016

You woke up to the sweet smell of sugar and honey gliding past your nose.
Sitting up, you realized that this place wasn't familiar to you. So you tried to recall what happened and maybe that'll answer your question.
Then you realized that you couldn't remember anything about you.

You don't remember your name nor what has happened.

Who WERE you?

Yeh thats my description XD
Please read the story if you want to know more *v*

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_shoookie_ _shoookie_ Jul 21
My name?
                              Well, most people call me Satan while some people call me princess and almost died
                              Butt meh rel name iz jeff
                              Jk jk its Bella
DawnOfDawn DawnOfDawn Aug 09
My name ia Maria juanita paula veronica fernanda pepita guacamole chupa cabra Sanchez the First
yanasicat yanasicat May 17
                              *JHON CENA SONG STARTS TO PLAY*
I know I'm supposed to be a human, {~I think~} but I am pretending to be a Pikachu, hehehe.
My name?......My n-name......*sudden flashbacks* name....*In a serious look* My name, is Alice.
                              (XD get it? No? Ok....)
Oh my name is: Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Combined.