My Best Friend's Dad - L.H

My Best Friend's Dad - L.H

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I mean it's no secret that my best friend's dad is the hottest thing that lives on planet earth. 

But he is my best friend's dad.

And I love her 


How do I tell her that I love her father too. 

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If any of my friends dads did this to me I'd be on the next flight to Canada
I used to be terrified to ride a scooter and would cry whenever I saw one
Baby, baby, baby. Noooo. Ya like baby, baby, baby noooo. Thought you'd always be miine-ii
I went to one of they're concerts and I swear. ME AND LUCAS MADE EYE CONTACT AND HE SMILED!!!
Girl ur gonna be short a best friend by the ending of this book
You called me beautiful two times. I'm honored. Anyway, random question, has your (slutty) wife given you head anytime soon?? Just curious.