Harry Styles Imagines

Harry Styles Imagines

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love yourself By silverxz Updated Nov 01

              "Leave me alone, please", I started walking downstairs. I could hear his footsteps, sounding clearer every second. 

                     "I am sorry, baby. Don't leave me", he tried to stop me. Well, the unexpected had to happen. He slapped me. Because he was annoyed of me. 

                You can say he was kind of a alcoholic. He drinks at least five to six times a day. I try to stop him for his good but he thinks I am some 'demon' taking his 'precious'. I would have broken up with him years ago but I tried myself to the best for him to save his life. 

Tears were streaming down my face and I wanted go somewhere. Far away from him. 

         "Y/N. Stop please stop." I stopped and turned around to face him. 

              "What do you want?", I cross my arms across my chest. "What do you want from me? I have tried my best to keep you at least alive and you just went yelling at me and just slapped me. Find someone else who can fix you because I realized I can't...

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wizjerry007 wizjerry007 Apr 29
I can imagine harry as a vampire but the one meme preference lol
Pinkwaffle16 Pinkwaffle16 Dec 25, 2016
Um... My father dying from drunk driving is impossible since He's allergic to alcohol.
KristenGrande KristenGrande Nov 21, 2016
TWILIGHT addiction I imagined Edward and bella instead 😂😂
Pinkwaffle16 Pinkwaffle16 Dec 25, 2016
                              | Aservey
Vinnie_dvn Vinnie_dvn Aug 04, 2015
Hey china I'm writing a story too I'll upload the first chapter in a bit do check it out !