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FuqqStories Gyal By LoveMyFuqqStories2 Updated Jan 28

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     Why is he like this, who has made his heart so cold that he hurts everyone he looks at? I heard the bees in my ear buzzing about his wicked ways, but never have I experienced it until now. He walks as if he is the only person in the world and no one else exist. His attitude is cold as ice, while his words are like a sword penetrating at your skin. He rather throw you against a wall and rip your panties off than to get to know you, and to be honest, you would like it. You would enjoy it because you like the feeling of being controlled and touched. You would like it so much that you would allow your heart to hurt just to feel his touch. I mean he is Dyson Beckham.
    "I would never let Dyson touch me. He's a womanizer and a asshole. I rather stick my thumb up my ass."- past expression from Ma'Lani.
    Ma'Lani Richardson is a 21 year old "impending" fashion stylist. Impending meaning not quite yet, I mean she dress the part, she looks the part, and she's studied the part since her younger dress up days. The only thing stopping her from fulfilling her quest is her lack of of connections and trust. I mean who would trust a girl from Harlem that has no experience with styling celebrities? No one. Not taking no for a answer, Ma'Lani welcomes her job as a assistant for "G.M Sports" magazine. After spending countless hours tapping her pen against her desk everyday, she is finally called to do more than file papers and catch coffee. What Ma'Lani didn't know was that she would be standing naked with the devil, next to the devil, and asked to sign a contract with the devil.

ItsSlim ItsSlim May 15
I dont see as to why Isreal cant live with Lani...i understand that she had a 1 bedroom apartment but she could make it work if she wanted to its obvious her mother is an unfit parent
ItsSlim ItsSlim May 22
"Shaking like a stripper" im deeead im gonna have 2 stat using that
When yo friends gassing you up you start thinking you the shiit
Nigga only a NFL player but acting like el chapo nigga take several seats 💺
Hmmm. He fine. He got money. I also Don't want a relationship. Ima change his life. Im tryna get my brother... 🤔 I also want the dick... soon I'll BE THERE.
creative_shay creative_shay Nov 02, 2016
I would've threw up! My biggest fear is touching wet bread!!!