My Hero (Garroth x Laurence x Reader)

My Hero (Garroth x Laurence x Reader)

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Based on Aphmau's Roleplay Series: Minecraft Diaries...

See that beautiful cover up there? (Well duh!) That's not my work, it's Melani's! Her username is @MermaidsDontDoHW! Thanks again Melani! <3

I do not own any of the characters listed in this book, except for myself and your point of view. Credits go to Aphmau, and the fellow creators of Minecraft Diaries. 

(F/N) (L/N), a 18 year old who travels to escape her painful past, stumbles across the village of Phoenix Drop. When she meets a man with a helm, a man with a witty and princy personality, and a Lord with a determined, generous heart, her 14 years of loneliness soon become dust from the past. What will happen when the evil that once hit Phoenix Drop comes back? Will she drag down to the lonely beginnings she once lived in, or will she finally have someone she can call, "My Hero"?

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Averyosomness Averyosomness Oct 24, 2017
I love xReaders where I have a horrible past...I don't know why though...
snowyowlgirl3007 snowyowlgirl3007 Jul 17, 2016
Irl i have bad long term memory i can remember some things but others after about 4 years i forget them
Rivaiolii Rivaiolii Jun 02, 2016
Wait, wait, wait, So you're telling me, that I may be 5/8 and my father is alcoholic and left his daughter by her own in the campsite and when his drunk he went to cut trees. Great just great, what's next? Unicorns flying around and pooping pink sparkling poop?
XxGarrothxX11 XxGarrothxX11 Jun 12, 2016
FlameingFazbear12 FlameingFazbear12 Feb 07, 2017
Emmalyn: I'm actually quite a bookworm, hehe!
                              Me: OMG SAME!!! I absolutely love books, my fave author of English books is William Shakespeare! And- uh- *cough* well it was a pleasure to have met you, have a nice day... heheh..... -.-
kaibenevan kaibenevan May 08, 2016
I made myself half werewolf like Leaona in this is that ok? If it isn't I will change myself back.