Broken Pieces ✔️

Broken Pieces ✔️

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Samantha Jayne By SamanthaJayne_x Completed

Jason Hudson doesn't believe in love. How could he when he has no time for it? He's attending medical school to become a doctor, raising three children, and grieving over the loss of Alyssa. 

Maya is an aspiring writer, and writes an advice column under a pen name. It's all she can do to keep herself sane. Her romantic life has plummeted, as the father to her son is no longer that sweet, kind man she once knew, but now a waste-of-space. All Maya can do is stick with it for the sake of her baby.

Maya and Jason are both non-believers in love, but as these two become friends, will they learn how to love again?

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SamanthaJayne_x SamanthaJayne_x Jun 16, 2013
@daniel_12345 You just reminded me of something i didn't do, the letters are in bold so it differentiates between normal paragraphs and the letters :) That's just how i do that it's weird i know.
daniel_12345 daniel_12345 Jun 16, 2013
good writing . there are flaws but its pretty good . hmm i would suggest you unbold the paragraphs
JessicaPaterson JessicaPaterson Mar 14, 2013
It's really good I love it I can't wait for your next update!! :)
CrazyUnicornSmurf CrazyUnicornSmurf Mar 14, 2013
@GhostOfYou_x aww that's so adorable!! my nephew said something similar to that but said "My Yiyi! NO being naughty! No Hurt Yiyi!"
SamanthaJayne_x SamanthaJayne_x Mar 14, 2013
@CrazyUnicornSmurf Haha a kid i know said that about me but said "leave My sam alone!" i was like n'awww
CrazyUnicornSmurf CrazyUnicornSmurf Mar 14, 2013
WOO GO ISSAC!!! LOVE that Kid :) <3 Go Alyssa!! Oh my bunnies! The Bit where Issac goes "He hurt my Lyssa." was soo cute!!!! I loved it! They would be the cutest couple/Best friends EVER!!!