My Teacher is all Mine teacherxStudent gxg

My Teacher is all Mine teacherxStudent gxg

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Roar Bitches. By Kandy_Kraze135 Updated Dec 09, 2015

When Amber was 10 she was shipped off to Alpha training. 7 years later she returns a 17 year old cocky, flirty, dominate, out of the closet lesbian Alpha werewolf. Now she returns to find her pack, Blue Moon, under attack by rogues. Along the way she finds her mate the teacher of her least favorite subject. Math. Will she win against the rogues and will her teacher and oh so loving mate let her pass?

Miss. Kylie Carters has always played by the rules. When the Alpha's daughter returns, she finds out that 17 year old Amber turns out to be her mate and student. Now with the threat of the rogues hanging over the packs head, she has to learn how to fight. Something she hated.

 What will happen to the pair as they fight for love and their pack?

You should write about Amber is meeting another pack and gets into a severe rogue attack and has some injures or something
I really wanna name them all again but i don't have the energy so someone else can freaking name them.
curlyqueen5 curlyqueen5 Sep 11
What's infertile? Is that like not being able to carry another baby
Lmao wtf isn't she in class? Why the heck is she touching herself😂
Bob Joey lizzy gabby Olivia madi Ricky Mikey Edward Bella Jacob Emma Ella Barbra barb Steven Stevenson Abigail Violet BOOM I NAMED ALL THE ^'S and mine is named blue :D
Kandy_Kraze135 Kandy_Kraze135 Jul 31, 2015
Any ideas for the next chapter will be great!!!!! No idea is a bad one ^_^