I Want to Be Your Man (English vers)(BoyxBoy) Chinese NOVEL

I Want to Be Your Man (English vers)(BoyxBoy) Chinese NOVEL

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Reii By Reiichunnie Completed

Author : Angelina
Etrans : Emrys Jays

this novel not belongs to me, i just reupload and re-edit this for more fans of like love .

When Su XiaoMi realised that he is one of homosexual that people nowadays always talk about, he have already like Yanyan for one school term.

In the beginning, he was like how other people look at YanYan. He felt curios and envy about this proud man. He is XiaoMi's senior. With good apprearance, long lean body, even his school results are good. If really want to find something bad about him, it will be his character. He is cold and cool.

For someone like Su XiaoMi who easily content with what he have and thank God for them, felt that it is not fair to have such a perfect person like YanYan.

CgKaterin CgKaterin Aug 10
Wonder what he will do about it..... make him shut up that is 😉
CgKaterin CgKaterin Aug 10
Wait did he see him like a beggar....? Or just making fun of him? Or was he watching him the whole time...... there are so many ways to interpret this......
justCarol99 justCarol99 Jun 02
Im new here in watty so..i wanna thank you for translating this story...kudos for your hardwork and time to done this translation😊
FoxyJung FoxyJung Mar 26, 2016
I stumbled upon this & I realize that it's YanYan & SuXiaomi from Nobody Knows But Me XDD
                              Me like it...XD
KarlHababag KarlHababag Sep 03, 2016
This two from like love haha funny couple i wonder if my true love is in vietnam or china too lol anyway much love from the philippines i cant wait for the season 3 of like love wanna see an ziyan ang maid ding again
dernhelmlalaith3 dernhelmlalaith3 Dec 27, 2016
Aaaaaaaa!!! I'm really excited for finding this story. Thank you very mucho to the translator.
                              When I saw the movie of Like Love, I loved this couple and I was sad because I really wanted to know more about them. I didn't know that they had a novel too... 
                              I'm really really happy. :D