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The Alpha Prince's Missing Mate

The Alpha Prince's Missing Mate

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Yenn.ts By INeedAMate Updated Jun 20, 2016

A living being has many choices.

With choices comes responsibility, either for a person or a task.

Sometimes choosing wrong doesn't necessarily mean that you've lost your chance at life, love etc, it just means you have to take the longer and harsher route to get there.

And if you believe and work for it, then you will get what you deserve.

Cause if it's meant to be, you'll end where fate exactly wants you to be.

Sorry, I really suck at descriptions, so here's a sneak peak to entertain you all 



"Mother? Please I'm sorry. I didn't mean to speak so harsh to you. I didn't mean to hurt my mate. I didn't mean to let all of this happen. I was just petrified of the thought of her getting hurt. She was an Omega mother, meaning that she never trained, and I just couldn't put her in harms way. I thought what I did was the right thing, but when she rejected me and ran away she rook a big chunk of my heart with her. I just want her here with me. I really want to introduce you to each other, you'd love her, she'd love you and-"


"-she'd be happy, I then would be happy. My wolf would still be talking to me now if she was here, right here next to me.I could hear her melodious laughter directed at me for being terrified of your yelling and then calm me down. I'd still be able to pl-"


"-ay with her soft brown locks and look into her mesmerizing orbs. I'd be able to snuggle with her and..and..", I couldn't hold it anymore and cried.

The pain was eating me alive. I curled myself into a fetus and clutched my chest and bawled my eyes out.

Her hair.
Her eyes.
Her nose.
Her lips.
Her smile.

Everything about her was a clear picture in my mind.

Her giggle.
Her laugh.
Her moan.

The sounds still play over and over like a broken radio.

Her kiss.

The taste of her lips still linger behind.

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happilyher happilyher May 21, 2016
no mirror......i'd look on the back of a spoon before i went without a mirror lol
                              dont know if bags are under your eyes dang daniel
KinoEgg KinoEgg Apr 20, 2016
Please just tell me what it stands for!!! Until then I will think of you as 'Y The Sandwich???'.
DiamondTaylorSummers DiamondTaylorSummers May 30, 2016
Rereading again because no matter how much pain I felt from Dillon, it's still a great story
sydneyw122 sydneyw122 Jan 28, 2016
I get it , people wonder why I pray to Lana Del Rey, but it's pretty obvious. I mean she's a goddess!!