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Two different Worlds: A Rucas Story

Two different Worlds: A Rucas Story

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girlmeetswriter_ By girlmeetswriter_ Updated Sep 26, 2015

Riley's Pov
Hi I'm Riley, Riley Matthews. Today's the day my mom and I move back with my dad. My mom is a lawyer in New York and has been working on a case for 5 years. It took them 5 years to figure out this giant situation?! My dad works for the military, so I've been staying with my mom for quite some time now. He just finished his service last year. I can't wait to see my dad. We call him on the phone when he's allowed to, but I just can't wait to see him in person. "Riley! You ready? My mom yells out. I reply to her "Yeah." We get in the car and drive to airport. Forks, Washington, That's where I grew up. 
~ Hours later ~
That flight was horrendous! My mom and I pull up to my dad's driveway. It's looks just like I remembered it. We get out of the car and someone walks outside, it's my dad. "Dad!" I hug him super tightly. I'm finally reunited with my dad. Now it's real life. Time for High school at JQA.

To be continued......
Sorry it's super short! Note: John Quincy Adams takes pl...

mermaid_rucas_9 mermaid_rucas_9 Sep 21, 2016
Someone has to say it, so i'm going to do it.
                              Still a better love story than Twilight.
BikerDaughter BikerDaughter Jan 13, 2016
That is the 6th grade science teacher's name in Whitney point
Rilayalover101 Rilayalover101 Nov 29, 2015
Hmmm this reminds me of a little something called Twilight XD