The Alpha King's Mate (PUBLISHED)

The Alpha King's Mate (PUBLISHED)

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a n e d r i a By midnightdreamerxx Completed

Rachel's life was perfect until her parents make her pack up and move to New York from her sunny home in Palm Springs.

Everything was going fine until she decides to go to a small cafe and bumps into a guy who just happens to be her mate , and oh yea don't forget he's the king of all werewolves.

Follow Rachel and Isaiah on an ever going long ride filled with betrayal and love.

*Please do not comment rude things on my book and do not comment that I need to correct my words. I spend a lot of time on my books and I go over to make sure spelling is correct. So please don't comment about it*

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OtakuCharm OtakuCharm Aug 08
Ugh I remember going to New York and I was just a nice little Canadian girl saying hi and to everyone and being polite but seems the people of New York do not like Canadians
themalikdirection_ themalikdirection_ Jul 01, 2016
Hahahaha we all have that box with the embarrassing family photos in it. XD
feyra123 feyra123 Jan 07
Where's the chapter???'s blank!.
                              I keep refreshing it, but it won't come up
lil_guera lil_guera Feb 09
Why did I just imagine him looking at her putting his hand on the glass and pouting 😂
MidnightWolfDreamer MidnightWolfDreamer May 30, 2016
Ever hear of something like self defense. Stranger danger. You're supposed to kick him where the sun doesn't shine