☾ Turned ☽ ON HOLD

☾ Turned ☽ ON HOLD

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rose By -wolfsbane Updated Aug 20, 2016

"Legend always tells the story of those shapeshifters born with their 'supernatural' ability to turn in to their other form - a wolf. But what about those whom have been turned in to one of these creatures by a bite?"


      I could feel its teeth sinking in to my flesh, piercing the smooth skin. Immediately, the skin surrounding the bite began to crawl and burn, my pulse quickening as my heart began to beat faster and faster inside of my chest. I couldn't even react, the pain and shock from getting bitten by it paralyzing my body in its position.

      I could feel my eyes beginning to grow heavy, faintly noticing its killer jaws release its hold on my arm, its muzzle covered in my own blood. I felt the weight of its massive body disappear, as it shook out its fur and ran away.

      But the pain... the pain was the one thing that didn't go away. It felt like my body was on fire, my bones aching and my skull feeling like it was splitting in two. I could feel my body coil until I was completely curled up, cradling my injured arm close to my chest, before the world went black.

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NocturnalWolf NocturnalWolf Jun 26, 2016
Never stayed in a place for more than 2 years, it's actually not that bad.
- - Feb 27, 2017
For 18 years I'm living in the same house but where's my life? Lol.. it's true. Anyway I got a really good feeling for this story.
homeskillet17 homeskillet17 Sep 23, 2016
The picture is lyrics for twin size mattress by the front bottoms!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻😍
dhaani08 dhaani08 Oct 24, 2016
I can say there is something about this story I m gonna love it good start
Fiction_escapade Fiction_escapade Aug 13, 2015
cannot wait for the action parts 
                              *taps knees and bounces them
                              *count floor tiles
                              (btw idk why you dedicated the chapter to me, such a BIG honour, but thank you sopo muccchh! I feel so special :D)
Fiction_escapade Fiction_escapade Aug 13, 2015
and her older generations go, "she's so rude. when I was my age......"