The Griffin and the Hippogriff

The Griffin and the Hippogriff

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Meandmybf By Meandmybf Updated Mar 14, 2013

    The Griffin and the Hippogriff 



Imagine a castle on the clouds a golden castle with Hippogriffs , Griffins , Unicorns,  and the most powerfull the Phoenixs. They all lived in the clouds happy together until one day the saw somthing strange. They saw somthing burst therw one of the clouds. They all ran and some flew. They called  the phoenix king and queen. They burst out of the castle doors the saw something in a ballon rising up they all stared at it. It looked like a elf but was taller and more muscular. The Phoenix King called his warriors then he called in a calm voice and smercked "Attack" 

Then all the Phoenix king's men fighted The Others. Then the king of  The Others shouted " THIS MEANS WAR!" he smerked when his men went back down to the "Beyond". The Phoenix Kingdom was worried they had never been to War. So the Phoenix King sent a message to the Griffins , Hippogriffs and Unicorns  

When they all arrived the kings had a talk in the feeding room.

" As...