America x Male Reader x England

America x Male Reader x England

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Alfred, Arthur and you were great friends, even best friends. You guys have been having so much fun, when you guys go to movies, carnivals, amusmemt parks, everywhere.

When you spend time alone with one of them:
With Alfred, you both plays video games, watch horror movies and eat junk food ( so classic right xP).
With Arthur, you both will watch british T.V, play some games, watch movies, also he usually makes you favorite type of tea.

But when you three are together, you bring the best out of each other. Sometimes there are some random moments when they leave for 3 weeks, twice a year. They never tell you were they go but it didn't bother you.

Alfred is always nice to you, he always protected you from school bullies, helps when you need him and he even stays over at your house all night to watch a marathon of movies. 

Arthur will always do his bes to make you smile, he would come over to cure you when you are sick, he would even tell you about some tales.

They cared about you a l...

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WantSomeCake WantSomeCake Jul 13, 2017
The monster is... its.... JOHN CENA!!!!
                              Alfred: NOOOOOO!!!!! ;^;
                              Me: *plays trombone* DUN DUNDUN DUUUUN!
parkgay_jimin parkgay_jimin Nov 02, 2017
My mom be sneaking Bella shut in the movies theater just by stuffing her bra and purse
MusicNetflixBroadway MusicNetflixBroadway Feb 20, 2017
Me: *reads 'british TV'* 
                              Me:  DOWEEEEOOOOOOOO OOOWOOOOWOOOOO
Katime Katime Feb 08, 2017
Me: earl grey.
                              Ciel: YASSSS QUEEN
                              Me: Shut up demon you didn't give poor sebby chan ur soul
                              Ciel: *eats soul*
                              Me: haha too bad I'm already soulless, gtfo tsundere
CaptainDelca CaptainDelca Mar 03, 2017
My favorite tea is Chai   tea or this tea that tastes like hot tamales (cuz of the cinnamon) it's  really good.