Once Upon a Stiletto

Once Upon a Stiletto

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Yen Legaspi By chamcham102012 Completed

...and Cinderella wore the glass slipper, it fit perfectly. The Prince married Cinderella and together they lived happily ever after."

But in Ava's life, there isn't any glass slipper, there isn't any prince; just a handsome, amber eyed, arrogant jerk who stole her shoe.

Ava Natalia is the princess of the Maximillian family. Being the only daughter, she is overprotected by her grandfather, her parents and her three brothers. Turning eighteen means she'll get the freedom she wanted. First thing on her list - fall in love. She has dreamed of falling in love and being in love, but all that was shattered by Alejandro de Oliveira.
Alejandro is one of the most sought after, eligible bachelors and the CEO of de Oliveira Prime Holdings and a womanizer. He loves his women and always has his eyes on models and actresses. Meeting Ava for the first time, he was so turned off; all he ever wanted to do was to piss her off. To Alejandro, she wasn't the sophisticated and elegantly dressed women he usually dates. To him, Ava is just a hot tempered, feisty teenager who wasn't worthy to wear designer stiletto heels.

Ava was no princess in Alejandro's eyes; he wasn't a prince in Ava's eyes either. 

'If Natalia is my wife, I'd poison her drink.' He says...
'If Alejandro is my husband, I'd drink it.'  She says...

Like two magnets of the same pole, they repel each other. Will they ever see each other in a different light?

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-slytheringirl- -slytheringirl- Dec 19, 2017
This book is literally as awesome as when I read it for the first time. @chamcham102012 girl you rock!
YKK7220 YKK7220 Jul 06, 2017
Why on Earth would he carry on him a card with a name other than his.
purple_bubblegums purple_bubblegums Dec 12, 2017
Dude you are beauty pageant tall, it's not your fault that he is way too tall😑😑😑😑😑
ManhaBhatia ManhaBhatia Jul 20, 2016
You are a really sweet writer. I love to read your books because they are peaceful.
babysunshine311 babysunshine311 Nov 27, 2016
Awesome story!
                              Amazing writes up, buddy.
                              I really adored her family.
                              Having som more protectiveness, is a lot of fun
                              I mean over-protectiveness.
                              I wished to have a family like that, well I have amazing one.
                              Greatly described
ladymorena14 ladymorena14 Oct 17, 2016
Great book... I love it... Can't wait to read more from you...