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Fnaf boyfriend scenarios 1

Fnaf boyfriend scenarios 1

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NON-FAMOUS By Non-Famous Updated Dec 16, 2016

Here's who I'm doing:





Golden Freddy

OsanaBosa OsanaBosa May 31, 2016
Oh so wrong!-Dies of laughter and then my kik friends and me play a fnaf free roam game were you are the animatronics or the guard.:3)
goldenshadowgirl1987 goldenshadowgirl1987 Aug 22, 2016
Pfff I'm sorry what golden Freddy said at the end lol I'm dieing over here
Shadow_Bonnie87 Shadow_Bonnie87 Oct 03, 2016
I would have thrown the suit off too if Goldie said that.... Then again, Goldie's ma main bish
agamerthatisagirl agamerthatisagirl Oct 07, 2016
1- why the hell would I play "dress up" in a suit.
                              2- WTF GOLDEN FREDDY! DID YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST SAID!
MysteriousBid MysteriousBid Mar 30, 2016
Golden Freddy... listen to what you just said... just.... that sounded so wrong...
ShadowyNightingale ShadowyNightingale Aug 31, 2016
Damn he is one gentlemanly bear....but still how the fûck is reader-chan not scared