My Pets?!

My Pets?!

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Hana Aikawa By animeprincess66 Updated 6 hours ago

Threne Miley Whitefield is an animal lover. She love animals that much that sometimes she bring stray cats and dogs in their house but her mother always get rid of them. While her mother is travelling away,Threne saw 2 cats and 2 dogs that are badly injured and pity. She took them home and care for them until something unexpected happens..

"My pets became 4 gorgeously hot guys?!"

P.S Please bear with my English. I'm sorry if its not perfect.

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-wednesday -wednesday Mar 31, 2017
Well that b*tch is gone. Time to turn the house into a pet shelter!
How many times do I have to tell you even when your crying your beautiful too
GreenPopGreen GreenPopGreen Jun 27, 2017
Same :( . But now i only adopt kittens since mom loves them and last time i adopted a puppy it ATE a kitty. Shivers*
KatrinePaul KatrinePaul Jan 26, 2017
For someone who's bad at English I think this is pretty good. Why did ya lie? I think your English is excellent! This story is short and sweet!
                              Keep up the good work!😊
TheGirlTheyLeft TheGirlTheyLeft Feb 26, 2017
Im going to a place where you can't find me!!!!.....I'll just be in that tree!!!
KatrinePaul KatrinePaul Jan 26, 2017
Hera wife of Zeus father of he gods in Greek mythology.
                              Ooh is Hera's family Greek?