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Our Narnian Adventure » Narnia/ Edmund Pevensie FanFic #TheHeavenlyAwards2017

Our Narnian Adventure » Narnia/ Edmund Pevensie FanFic #TheHeavenlyAwards2017

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[ Book 1 ] *EDITED*

Adriana Kelly is a normal 15 year old girl from London England. She has gorgeous brown hair and sparkling blue eyes.

She's was walking home on a what seemed to be a regular day, but she then finds herself in a magical land called Narnia. She is then told the prophecy.

"It is fore- told that the Red Knight will defeat the White Witch and bring an end to evil along side 2 sons of Adam and 2 daughters of Eve. And they will sit on the thrones in Cair Paraval and Narnia will be save as long as they're there"

But on her adventure will she find herself falling for the second youngest Pevensie?


Cover by @s3cr3tss


All three movies in book.

In the first film:
                              Peter - 13
                              Susan - 12
                              Edmund - 10
                              Lucy - 9
AthenaLentz AthenaLentz Jul 18, 2016
From what I know for edmund 1930 -1940 makes edmund 10 and 1930 - 1941 makes him 11 in the second film
Found your trailer for this story of yours on YouTube. Usually I'm quite picky of trailers much more so if their similar stories that I've grown to love (aka Narnia). But it really pulled me in and I'm looking forward to this adventure I'm possibly gonna be pulled into! 😊
slowedhands slowedhands Jan 25
that moment when people keep commenting the same thing over and over like ffs we get it too bad your comment was stolen like this is the author's book
Woah! I was reading the description, and then I took a spit take, because my real-life name is actually Adrianna Shelly and I really do have long, slightly wavy brown hair and blue eyes. How can a total stranger make almost an exact description of me? Freaky, huh?
Not quite! In 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe', Peter is 13, Susan is 12, Edmund is 10 and Lucy is 9. Close-ish though! Xx