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Emotions | Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction

Emotions | Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction

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my cat fel n te sink By MoreThanJustAMyth Updated Jul 14, 2016

There are many guardians that live in this world.  Ones who bring happiness, joy, and love to all of the children.  The Sandman brings dreams in the night, Santa Claus and his elves and yetis make toys for the long awaited Christmas, the Tooth Fairy collects all of the teeth that children have lost throughout the year and stores them, and the Easter Bunny paints his eggs to present on his very own day.  All of these guardians seem to have an important impact on the children of the world, which leads us to the fifth and only other guardian.

Grace.  She is the guardian of emotions.  She brings all of the children exactly what the feel.  Not ones of pain or discomfort, but love and happiness.  She has been a guardian for only a couple of centuries and yet, no one believes in her.  Everything she has done or tried has only led to failure.  You may come to think of how she is considered a guardian if no one believes in her.  It's because no one's heard of her.  After all of these years, she continues on with what she does.  She's become used to how others see her; invisible.

Every hero has their villain, and the guardians each have their own.  One that they all share in common; Pitch Black.  What will happen when Pitch attacks and plans to take away all of the happiness that has been spread by our beloved guardians?  What will happen when there is a new guardian to be chosen?

Find out in 'Emotions', a fanfiction about Dreamworks' 'Rise of the Guardians'.

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any characters or the movie 'Rise of the Guardians'.  All characters and their storyline belong to their respectful owners.  Grace and my plot twists all belong to me.  Please inform me if you see this story posted onto another fanfiction website.  I only have this story posted on Wattpad.  I do not take well to copyright.

Wait Burgess is is PA??????!! S***, how did I not know this???!!!!