Ordinary Acts of Bravery (An Eric Fan Fiction)

Ordinary Acts of Bravery (An Eric Fan Fiction)

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"There will always be that one person in your life that you can't walk away from, even if you know you have to."

Octavia is not your average Erudite, and after her brother chose Amity, her lifes been turned upside down. She knows that there's only a year left, a year until she can choose. Its a choice that'll change everything, and suddenly her life full of feelings and opportunities. 
However, there's one person she never would have accounted for to come into her life, but he does nonetheless and her world slowly starts to crumble. The faction system slowly crumbles and everything turns into some sort of chaos. 

Before any sort of calm there must always be chaos.

  • allegiant
  • change
  • dauntless
  • death
  • divergent
  • eric
  • fan
  • fiktion
  • initiates
  • initiative
  • insurgent
  • life
  • love
  • olivia
  • transfer