Things Left Unsaid [boyxboy] [slash]

Things Left Unsaid [boyxboy] [slash]

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Aly By AlyWasHere17 Updated Mar 31

"There are bite marks on his tongue from all the things he's left unsaid."

A collection of vignettes about two boys as they struggle to be together in a society that pits them against each other.

[[ sequel to 'Around Here', but can be read as a standalone. contains adult content. ]]

[[ cover by @PandaGuts ]]

andyandwoody33 andyandwoody33 Oct 16, 2016
Ah, the sweet smell of fresh tears at 2am as I cry over fan fiction and my unfinished homework
im_a_phanny_pack im_a_phanny_pack Nov 25, 2016
Get yersel' tae fûck
                              The most beautiful way to say go fûck yourself.
ElixaMyths ElixaMyths Jan 21
Skin ship? Like that's like kinship...with physical context right? Help, I'm a clueless American who is desperately trying to use context clues
Chunky_Tree Chunky_Tree Oct 19, 2015
I don't understand a thing he is saying so I'm just going to not read this....
SlashBat SlashBat Sep 27, 2015
Yay! I was just thinking about how I needed more of these two and now you basically just made my dreams coms true. You are really fùćking aces.
PandaGuts PandaGuts Sep 21, 2015
Jesus god they are adorable. Please help. Aly I hate you. I'm never getting to sleep after this