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Story Land

Story Land

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Rebecca Rachel By PrincessBexx Updated May 25, 2011

Have you ever heard someone say that, when they read, it’s like entering a whole new world? Well, I have that problem as well. When I read, I find it hard to stay in realty. Or worse, hard to believe reality. I get so lost, that nothing outside of the book makes any sense to me. The words tumble around me until there literally IS nothing left other than each word, flowing one after the other, until I get to the end. But what happens when you literally fall into a story, and it becomes really real? What happens when you are the only one who knows what the fates of each character, and you have the power to change how things turn out? How do you stay connected in the real world? My name is Adrina Mercillo, and this is my story. In order for you to get a clearer picture of the point I am trying to get across, it is necessary to go back to the beginning, which, in this case, just so happens to be on a sunny spring day while I was sitting in my creative writing class. Let’s go back there to see where the fun begins… 

SimplyDarling SimplyDarling Oct 02, 2010
Sounds good. Tho it does sound a little like Inkheart. But I'm still going to read it! See you at the next chappy!
PrincessBexx PrincessBexx Sep 29, 2010
@mememeiloveme well, its not quite. In Inkheart, the characters come out of the book. In this case, the reader goes into the book, and is free to travel back and forth
PrincessBexx PrincessBexx Sep 28, 2010
@AudreyCloverTwinkle haha thank you :) and it doesnt matter if you spelled that wrong... i wouldnt be able to tell!!! i am really bad at spelling...
HaydenGardner HaydenGardner Sep 28, 2010
It's intriquing...(Sorry if i spell it wrong) New, orgional idea for works. You know, like vampire stories?? yeah orgionallll~~ hehe 
                              good good --->pressing click to next part xD
PrincessBexx PrincessBexx Sep 26, 2010
@TaylorRosemary lol haha hi Tay, i see you have joined the wattpad community :)
MusicxXxGuru MusicxXxGuru Sep 25, 2010
This kinda seems like that movie Inkheart, but with a better twist