New Girl ~ Sting X Reader X Rogue | #wattys2016

New Girl ~ Sting X Reader X Rogue | #wattys2016

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So she could be protected from Achnologia until she was powerful enough to take him down, the dragon princess was sent to Earthland from the Dragon Realm. All magic comes with a price, especially large amounts, like sending a powerful wizard to another world.


The New Girl, now going to the Magic Academy of Fiore, is the only girl not going crazy over her appearance. With her weird yet fun attitude, she unknowingly makes two of the hottest guys in school like her a bit more than the rest of the school.


A Sting X Reader X Rogue fanfiction. When you finish this, there is a sequel to read, so get going! Also, feel free to check out my other books.


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poppyppop poppyppop Sep 08
The person I use has my skin color but everything else is different
                              Hair length: down to ankles keeps in a single messy braid with bangs out
                              Hair color: Red a bright red
                              Eye color: Sapphire fading into crystal blue
                              Skin color: Chocolate brown
Aluira Aluira Aug 20
Imma do it too!!!!
                              Hair lenght: Below Shoulder
                              Hair colour: Ombré from black to brown to blonde
                              Eye colour: black or dark brown? Idk it sometimes changes for me or im just blind
                              Skin color: light tan, maybe peach. Light filipino tan there ya go
Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to let Cana be a teacher!?!?! 😂😂😂😂
ItsJustMe-Volpina ItsJustMe-Volpina 6 days ago
Length: shoulder length 
                              Color: green
                              E-color: purple
                              S-color: tan
Hey son how old are you? 21
                              When I was you age I was 22
I feel so bad for him, I didn't know he could fit in a school