Twin Dilemma

Twin Dilemma

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Korra Caligese By Flowers3 Updated Jun 20, 2017

Miliana Dayton is an 18 year old highschool girl. She's never been much for the whole high school scene and besides sports and her best friend Brianna Grayson she's really not part of it. Her life isn't too exciting besides for the craziness the Grayson family brings her.

Brianna has two older brothers, Aiden and Dylan. They had been away for more then a year studying abroad at a fancy high level college. But it's finally time for them to return home.

Miliana had always felt drawn to them but who could blame her. They are sexy twins after all. Secrets and pasts begin to unfold as well as an unexpected romance. How will Mili handle the intense change of her life as everything she thought she knew is all a lie? What conflicts will unfold in this epic tale of earth shattering love and an unavoidable fate? Will this fate bring death or will it bring life?

Read to find out!

  • bestfriend
  • fate
  • supernatural
  • twins
iminthecloset iminthecloset Feb 01, 2016
I wasn't gonna read this because it only has four parts, but milis best friend has the same name as me.
seductivenoir seductivenoir Sep 29, 2016
I met my bestie when she fell on her roller blades and I helped her up in the summer of 3rd grade
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Feb 20, 2016
Them girls are wild, frisky, horny and interjectic.her best friend has a thing or crush on her twins brother but the friend is afraid to tell her best friend about it.
PawVsPaw PawVsPaw Oct 27, 2016
*ahem* I always though the imperial college was a university. Meaning that the boys where 18/19 when they joined. Just saying...
CaitlinDenley CaitlinDenley Nov 11, 2016
It's called a heart shaped neckline just for future reference
Soda_Freak Soda_Freak Dec 22, 2015
I haven't started reading yet but I wanted to tell you that I love the description 😄