Stop Texting Me » [h.s] » on hold

Stop Texting Me » [h.s] » on hold

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Almaren The Writer By almaren Updated Dec 27, 2015

unknown : really? Pumkin spice latte.

h.s : ughh would you stop texting me.

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lenee_keira lenee_keira Jun 28
Me when I get grayson dolans number, witch will happen
When I saw 'any longer', all I thought was: 
                              I JUST WANNA TELL THE WORLD THAT YOUR MINE GIRL 
                              THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT THE THINGS WE DO
fgim21girl fgim21girl Oct 08, 2015
Is she in his room, or is she stalking  him through cameras??
BandLovers101 BandLovers101 Aug 07, 2015
Oh my god!!!!! This is so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!
SmexyStyles2 SmexyStyles2 Aug 02, 2015
This is so creep O.o I'm actually scared for him. Update soon x