Lunatics in Love (Dean Ambrose love story)

Lunatics in Love (Dean Ambrose love story)

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Bad Bitch By Queen_Kingdom Completed

"You are crazy" I told him 

"Yeah but so are you" he smirked 

"You don't want me" I looked down ashamed 

"Why not?" he asked 

"Because I'm broken"

"I can fix you.. I promise" he made me look at him 

Dean Ambrose made a promise to Brooklyn Santiago to fix her. Can he actually fix her?  Or will Brooklyn end up even more broken?

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This is so cute!!! He is the most adorable guy on earth!! I love that he is just so calm with her!
😂😂😂Now all my classmates are looking at me for laughing 😂😂
papi-chim papi-chim Jul 20, 2016
Grr I'm Dean Ambrose, I'm so tough not even alcohol could burn me...
                              *dabs alcohol on the cut*
                              AHH SHET THAT F**KING BURNS WHAT THE HELL
papi-chim papi-chim Jul 20, 2016
Well they "were" having a nice conversation but you decided to ruin it.. Dammit Aj -.-
papi-chim papi-chim Jul 20, 2016
How can she walk away like that..
                              Like if Dean were to wink at me I would be hyperventilating and hysterically crying
adriana3210 adriana3210 Feb 26, 2016
Jk i love it. Even though i only read like a sentence. Keep writting Beyoncé Minaj! Love u 💕