Lunatics in Love (Dean Ambrose love story)

Lunatics in Love (Dean Ambrose love story)

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Bad Bitch By Queen_Kingdom Completed

"You are crazy" I told him 

"Yeah but so are you" he smirked 

"You don't want me" I looked down ashamed 

"Why not?" he asked 

"Because I'm broken"

"I can fix you.. I promise" he made me look at him 

Dean Ambrose made a promise to Brooklyn Santiago to fix her. Can he actually fix her?  Or will Brooklyn end up even more broken?

Grr I'm Dean Ambrose, I'm so tough not even alcohol could burn me...
                              *dabs alcohol on the cut*
                              AHH SHET THAT F**KING BURNS WHAT THE HELL
Well they "were" having a nice conversation but you decided to ruin it.. Dammit Aj -.-
How can she walk away like that..
                              Like if Dean were to wink at me I would be hyperventilating and hysterically crying
adriana3210 adriana3210 Feb 26
Jk i love it. Even though i only read like a sentence. Keep writting Beyoncé Minaj! Love u 💕
supplexu supplexu Nov 28, 2015
love it and i love how roman asked her how she snapped him out of mox mode ? and now that shes talking to dean aj gets all mad ? but at the same time says she needs to come out of her bubble .... ughhhhh cant wait for more
supplexu supplexu Nov 28, 2015
awwwww kiss it .it heals faster....cute how she kissed his boo boo better