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Seeing Through New Eyes

Seeing Through New Eyes

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Emily By PhoenixFeather146 Updated Jul 18, 2016

Voldemort is gone, and the Golden Trio are back at Hogwarts. Everyone is excited for things to finally be back to normal, but what happens when a Marriage Law is put in place? The sorting hat seems to have gone mad, because it placed almost everyone with their enemy. New friendships are made, and old friendships lost. Meanwhile, the death eaters are making a plan, a good plan. What side is everyone on? It's hard to tell. It's not what you would guess. It's the exact opposite. Lives are lost, and new lives are made. You must learn to see through new eyes.

(The beginning of this story literally sucks. Whenever I reread the first chapter I'm just like, why did I even write that? It's so stupid. And I had horrible wording. The story gets better as you read though. I'd still recommend checking it out if you ship Dramione

Whovian378 Whovian378 Jun 28, 2016
Yes! This is hilarious. I'm fairly certain she'll be put with Draco, but imagine if she were put with someone like Cormac.
SlytherinPrincess23 SlytherinPrincess23 Jul 31, 2016
Draco's gonna be like....... "My father will hear about this!!! Oh, wait........................"
Well, atleast they are helping the single middle-aged witches and wizards! 😂😂😂😂
I don't care if Lucius is a teacher I just dreaming about the pudding cake and other sweets
NathanielZAlexandria NathanielZAlexandria Aug 05, 2016
Wtf indeed but he may have an important role in the story that can only be done if he is actually in the school
DevilsLittleAngel26 DevilsLittleAngel26 Dec 23, 2016
                              So instead of locking him up where he can't hurt anybody they're going to put him in a SCHOOL FILLED WITH CHILDREN! Yeah, well! That makes a lot of sense!