straight line//Dolan Twins

straight line//Dolan Twins

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Dustin was just your average  nerd, she get bullied from Ethan & Grayson Dolan. She leave for a few mouths & comes back with a told makeover.


Published 1-28-15

Cover creds to me!

All rights reserved unless credited!

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I have a gay best friend he's literally making my world be goofy😂👻👽
_fxtima_ _fxtima_ Jan 28
I have a gay bsf and he is MY LIFE I literally love him more than my bf
She knows studies better, but Cameron knows spelling better.
duhd0lan duhd0lan Jan 07
Oh ‘nerd’ such a great come back, that’s never been used before🙄
My brothers name is Cameron! A lot of peoples names are Cameron! Cameron Dallas, Cameron Dolan, Cameron Diaz, my brother, friends😂😂
It's not called Ap history, its called humanities, i know this how? because i'm in it :)