It Goes There // Josh Dun + Twenty One Pilots

It Goes There // Josh Dun + Twenty One Pilots

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Chicago Beaumont has a magical life to everyone on the outside. She is just like any other rich kid in the world. She gets whatever she wants at the snap of her fingers. She lives in a beautiful house and she's considered one of the most popular girls at school. 

But nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. 

Chicago's father is always putting her off and her mother always wants to ridicule her about anything and everything. Her parents can't even stand to be in the presence of each other. They always ended up fighting, leaving Chicago to sneak up to her room and try to drown out the noise. 

Everything about Chicago's life soon gets ripped to shreds and everything seems to be ruined beyond repair although her mother is unsuccessfully trying to rebuild it. 

Well, that's until she meets a bright haired drummer, who seems determined enough to make her world become an okay place once again.


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Flavia-Arcoverde Flavia-Arcoverde May 13, 2017
Jesus, I only have one older brother and it is enough to make me crazy
XxChemicalxKilljoyxX XxChemicalxKilljoyxX Jul 21, 2017
Time stands still
                              Time stands still
                              There's a metaphor at hand
                              A metaphoric blast which only few will understand
                              Cuz under clothes, under skin, underneath we are all the same for when you remove the tricky tricks only skeleton bones remain
francescawithapen francescawithapen May 29, 2017
there's the door. make sure it doesn't hit you on the way out. actually i don't care if it does.
LETSAG0 LETSAG0 Jul 27, 2017
back at it again with being an amazing author with the most emotional works that are lovely
-Joshua_Sun- -Joshua_Sun- Oct 26, 2017
Garrett's probably not gonna be around much during this first part 
                              I feel like aiden has a dark past 
                              Elodie can go fudge herself
majjjick majjjick Apr 16, 2017
ugh we haven't even met him but we all know he's going to be a problem