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The Nerd And His Bad Girl (Book 1)

The Nerd And His Bad Girl (Book 1)

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J a d y n By StarsFellOnAlabama Completed

  *Jessie Above*
      Anxiously, I watched the clock. My foot tapping the floor repeatedly until it's screeching traveled. I collected my books and left the room, traveling to my locker. I grab my phone and sneak it into my pocket,

"Hey, come watch practice!" Collin, my boyfriend, came up beside me.

"Sorry, I have detention from Mr. Brenner again." I admitted, slamming the door shut. He frowned,

"You're not using detention as an excuse to cheat on me, right?" He checked. I shook my head, eyes wide. He grinned and kissed my forehead before leaving to the locker rooms. I made my way to the classroom, only to see a dark haired boy with glasses slip and drop his books. I had saw the janitor mopping and I guess he hadn't put a wet floor sign. I kneeled down, picking up his books.

"You take advanced chemistry?" I asked, handing the boy his books. He straightened his thick glasses and nodded,

"I'm surprised you know what chemistry even is." He insulted.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

sundae01 sundae01 Mar 04, 2016
If he said that to me I'd rape him in the janitors closet hahaha savage 😂😂
Hey that's my name...but u know what I don't get? Ppl want to call me nerd others geek other "badass" because I'm a tomboy and violent *rolls eyes* and others "savage" but why *scoffs* well idk it's ppl get over it.
Damn he a savage nerd. Damn. Now I know why ppl say I'm a nerd but give me respect cuz they say I'm "savage" I'm just like well that's annoying and I hate it. But at least I ain't bullied.
Batmans_girlfriend01 Batmans_girlfriend01 May 01, 2016
I like how you chose a realistic looking girl, and not a model like most authors-which is just annoying
TheTIWAE TheTIWAE Mar 08, 2016
You're going to LACK a race in the minute if you don't stfu!
niallizzle niallizzle Jan 09
Looks like his underpants were spent a tad longer in the dryer this morning