Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Society

Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Society

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Tempest and her 16 other siblings are mermaid.  No one knows about them being mermaids, everyone just thinks that they're humans.  They have just recently moved because their parents left them, and they wanted to get a new start so they didn't have to see the pity in everyone's eyes. 

Dylan, Alpha of the Blood Moon pack knows something is up with the new family that moved to town.  They have a huge house with a lot of kids running around.  What he can't figure out is, where are the parents and why are the kids acting so strange.  It's almost as if they know that they are going to school with werewolves.  But he can never get any information on them because the kids either speak another language or just seem to disappear.

What will happen when the kids meet their mates, the ones they've been destined to be with since before time?  And what will happen when their past catches up with them?  Will they be able to trust their friends and mates, or will they have to leave again?

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And I thought I had a lot of siblings 
                              2 sisters 
                              3 brothers
Rebelan Rebelan Jul 21
Finally a girl with not a board for a body. Not trying to be rude to people I have read so many books like that!
ains246 ains246 May 14
Grey storm and Rayne I feel like there is a lot of rainy weather going on oh wait here comes hail and windy what's next tornado
Of course she does, I assume her skin is also perfectly smooth, she has no acne and her eyes are beautiful.
DC1227 DC1227 Aug 18
I'm just remembering the part when she said she had long legs...hmm 🤔
sisteremily sisteremily Apr 18
Theres a lot of people but i love it... how do you keep track of all the people