Kyoya x Reader

Kyoya x Reader

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You're one of the very few commoners to be excepted into the elite school Ouran Academy. You were excepted because of your grades and you exceptional art skills.

You were fairly popular. Ok, you were one of the most popular girls in the school. Not only were you smart and talented in the arts, but you were also the star player of the volleyball team. 

You came to this school simply to study and prepare for your future. But little did you know that you would soon be dragged into the schools host club.

This was going to be interesting...

NOTE: I do not own any of the other Host Club members and their families, those belong to Bisco Hatori

I'm not thay intimidating guys! I'm 5'4 for crying out loud!
Couldn't they just ask their parents?
                              or did they spend that too?
Trashy_Shadow Trashy_Shadow 7 days ago
Who said that I will bring the girl within Haruhi? If anything, I'm gonna need someone else to bring the girl within ME
well im 6'1 so i scare a lot of people.... mostly small children
I'm the exact opposite of my self every time I play volleyball I end up on my face I abandon my art 1 year ago
FreelanceEditor99 FreelanceEditor99 3 days ago
Apparantly I have a death glare I was unaware of, and most of my friends were scared of me before they got to know me. . . I'm 5'4 and look like the dictionary definition of white girl.