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Serendipitylooooove By Serendipitylooooove Updated Jun 29, 2013

Meet Rainie Green. Delinquent, has a foul mouth, hot-tempered, and only uses her fist. She used to live with her Grandma in a small town, until her Grandma tells her to live with her rich father and step-mother in the city. Saying her final good byes to her best guy friends, she says hello to the city! As soon as she got to the city, she meets a handsome boy, but too find out he has a rude personality. Being Rainie's hot-tempered self, she punches the guy in the face. But guess what? She meets the guy at school! And to top that off, there are people after her. Join Rainie on her humorous, violent, and romantic journey in the city!

sunlight_moon sunlight_moon Aug 04, 2016
Congrats on being the first book I read that says the word "ratchet" 😂 people should use it more often
EmmaT12345 EmmaT12345 Jul 31, 2016
Aghhhhhh I love this song!!!!!!! Teenagers scare the living shi* out of me 🤗
leprechaun11 leprechaun11 Apr 18, 2016
Wait... If she hates the color pink then why did she dye her hair that color?
ElementalAvatar ElementalAvatar Jun 12, 2016
My chemical romance......teenagers. I already love this book😘😃😅😘😄😍😛😝😜😗😙😃😅😅😜
You change perspective a few times in this just wanted to let you know😋😊😊
MyPetsNameXx MyPetsNameXx Apr 08, 2013
This is good, but I think it's more... Personal?... If it were in Rainie's POV