In Consequence

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Trudy By TrudysTattle Completed
A fateful event awakens hidden attraction, and fleeting tenderness grows steadily into love when a single impulse changes the course of Margaret Hale's life forever. Set in Victorian England, this story unfolds amidst the gritty struggles of the Industrial Revolution. Based on the novel 'North and South' by Elizabeth Gaskell and the BBC adaptation of the same title.
Read both books!  You've done an amazing job capturing the tone and essence of the bbc series.  Would love to read a well rewritten sequel of the bbc series.  Thank you.
I am rereading IC totally love your way with words they really transport me into John and Margaret's world.  Sentences like this one do it for me.
You are amazing!. I bought Heart for Milton from iBook and read this one like a zillion time!. Well done!, absolute craftmanship!!
I'm clearly discovering this very late, but I must tell you that this is excellent! I love what you're doing with the story, and your writing is wonderful!
I love your version of the story far more than the movie :) but i really wish that margaret was prettier
Love how you've changed the story, Trudy...this is awesome!such a wonderful surprise.  And you write their emotions and attraction so well! Brilliant.