Yours Truly, Victoria. #Wattys2015

Yours Truly, Victoria. #Wattys2015

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"Psst! I think I know a way to get out!" She gazed intently at the small child, at the foot of her bed, as she sat with her elbows propped onto her knees. 

"I can't leave him," she mumbled, "I was forced to marry him the day I came here. He may be nice but his cronies certainly aren't. They'd kill me..."

The child gasped in shock, "Victoria! YOU were the bride they chose for their prince? Oh, you are never getting out!"

"Damn right you are, kiddo. Now, who may we be talking about?" Both girls eyes' darted towards the door he'd just entered from, following his every movement, as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off of himself, smirking.

"Out, kid." He nonchalantly waved at Dawn, and kept his gaze fixed on Victoria. The minute she was out, he gave a dramatic sigh and rolled his eyes, as Victoria turned to look away from him. A moment later, she felt the bed dip.

"Now, how's about you get explaining about a certain call I got from the abortion clinic this morning."

Her eyes widening, she breathed, "Your M-mother killed it."

"Oh, well that's too bad isn't it? Looks like we'll just have to plant this seed back inside of you. Only, this time it stays."


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AaliyahMcDowell AaliyahMcDowell Jul 30, 2016
Im sorry but if I heard that I would be gone. I'm sorry. I heard to many war stories to stay.
vanilla___ vanilla___ Aug 01, 2015
Love the chapter. This book is exciting. can't wait for next chapter.