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5 Seconds Of Summer BSM

5 Seconds Of Summer BSM

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Clifford By grxnge_cliffxrd Updated Dec 20, 2016

Just a bunch of Brother Sister Moments I felt like writing. All are written by me and I hope you enjoy

Imnbdyimportant Imnbdyimportant Mar 08, 2016
How'd he know about lying on the road? Did he just stand there and watch or something?
Mrs_Maloley_ Mrs_Maloley_ Nov 12, 2016
Ooooohhhhh mama Irwin bout to beat the dimples outta his cute ass
Mrs_Maloley_ Mrs_Maloley_ Nov 12, 2016
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha BITCH YOU SO DAMN STUPID 😂😂
JokersXdollface JokersXdollface Jun 13, 2016
Omg yes you after you
                              Get ran over by a truck
                              Get shot 3 times on the same leg
                              Get stampied by a lions
                              Get you same leg shopped of by a shark
                              And jump of a building
                              Then u r tottaly invited love ya *winks at her*
4211KayKay 4211KayKay Jan 26, 2016
Who else thought of pretty little liars ... Nope just me ok.