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15 {A Girl Going To An All Boys Academy}

15 {A Girl Going To An All Boys Academy}

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Roxanne14 By Roxanne14 Updated Sep 21, 2010

15 year old Jaime Grimes is your typical average girl who loves drawing, reading, writing and her friends. Her aunt lost the confidence to raise Jaime by herself because both of Jaime's parents died. Since her aunt needs some time for herself, Jaime is going to an all girls school in England. When she arrives In England, the taxi driver misheard the wrong location and lead her to a town called "Rockmore Valley".She's completely stranded there after the taxi driver left her there. She comes across this all boys academy and since she has nowhere else to go, she pretends to be a boy and starts to attend there. But there is one thing she didn't know... all of the boys are criminals, emos, delinquent and druggies! How will she survive in a school like that?! Will she become one of them? Will someone find out her secret?

C3LB31lL C3LB31lL Nov 16, 2014
a tip i live in England and i go to a preforming arts academy its exactly the same as a normal school though you arrive each day at 8:15 i attend 5 classes a day including dance drama art ect.. as well as the borning ones and i go home each day at 3:05 much like you would in america
W31RD_0N3 W31RD_0N3 Feb 14, 2014
you should never stop...I got hooked with the first line! and I think it doesn't matter if you don't know some things because me personally I don't care if its made up....if its a good story(which it is) it shouldn't matter.
someone_I someone_I Oct 13, 2011
im already addicted !!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              this story seems so good so far 
                              good job !!
Rusty_Fischer Rusty_Fischer Sep 24, 2010
I thought this was really well done; your main character has a great voice that I look fowrard to reading more of...
wheeljack wheeljack Sep 22, 2010
I'm liking this!  I usually take forever to get to the point in my stories, so this is awesome!  Upload or die! jk ;)
ShiningLikeFireworks ShiningLikeFireworks Sep 21, 2010
i like it!!! im new too, so if you need help we can help each otha8D you should keep writing. it good! 8D UPLOAD!!!!! haha