The Hyacinth Prophecy (PJO/HoO/Solangelo)

The Hyacinth Prophecy (PJO/HoO/Solangelo)

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(Disclaimer: All Characters belong to Rick Riordan and are in no way of my own creation. This story is a work of fanfiction based on both the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. This story is rated M and intended for MATURE audiences, and will contain everything but sexual situations. This was written BEFORE ToA came out, so if things are different, names or situations, don't over-chastise me, I get it, things are different in Trials of Apollo.)

**COVER CREATED BY @neverlanded**

"I... want to see the sun... I just... want to see him one last time. Please?"

Her spirit lies chained in the land of her birth,
Four demigods fade to assert unknown worth,
The shadows strength will awaken the sun,
And the blood of the Hyacinth will leave two as one.

Two years have passed since the Greek and Roman victory against Gaea and her earth-born minions, and life has grown as peaceful as it could possibly get for a camp filled with half-bloods. Although tensions between the two camps have finally faded, there are still things yet to be resolved. For example, the matter of the powers of prophecy, still bound by forces unknown. Despite the knowledge provided by the harpy Ella, things are mainly left to the imagination.

Until a completely unrelated issue brings to light a new prophecy, a new quest, issued by the god of the sun himself, sending four half-bloods with little experience to a country forbidden by demigod law due to the danger the children of the gods are placed in when passing the borders. Despite the prospect of death, they continue on without fear, because what is a few lives compared to the safety of their very way of life?

Like the petals of the Hyacinth flower, emotions will bloom from the blood of sacrifice, and the lives of these four friends (or should I say five?), will never again be the same.

rafeadlers rafeadlers Sep 15
@ladyawesome45321 in the one shot they were the same age tom riddle and nico and it was just a friendship. that's all i'm saying lmao
Oh. So you don't want him to attract any other of your siblings attention? Don't worry Will. They know he is yours
hexywitch96 hexywitch96 Sep 12
is he talking about the temperature 'cause I've got a feeling he's not
I don't ship Solangelo, but I still really want to read this.
Wonder what Will was thinking when they lingered on Nico. Maybe regretting he told him to get dressed
When you sneak away from class and go to the bathroom to read fanfiction