Mistake (Misfit/Freak AU)

Mistake (Misfit/Freak AU)

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This started as a oneshot named "Misfit/Freak Oneshot" published at three in the morning, based off of my favorite author's AU. After receiving crazy amounts of attention, I wrote another part. Now, a year later, I'm adding two more parts and giving it a makeover. The new title is Mistake, and parts of the earlier writing are fixed.
All rights to the character ideas belong to Kali aka @MelancholyMango, and all of the people belong to themselves.

This story is based on Misfit and a Freak a few years into the future, with Tyler, Troye, Dan, and Phil as the sole characters. It's really depressing, and potentially triggering, so read at your own risk.

Basically, this is an really fricken sad story, and I don't apologize for any harm done to you and your well-being. Thank you all so much for your continued support, and thank you to Kali for being a friend and someone I look up to. Enjoy, lovelies!

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TROYE I WOULD SAY YOU BETTER NOT BE DEAD but your obviously not since you have your memory still
i came here for a good time, some fluff maybe yknow , now all i get is pain and suffering
Wait cat passed on.... so this takes place after misfit??? But... *spoiler* (continue in reply if you already read misfit or just don't care)
etherealaesthetic etherealaesthetic Sep 23, 2016
oh, he knows about cat?! whoop, but that was dan's first proper friend :( oh well, time for feels later
- - Mar 03, 2016
Tbh I just want to see Troyes POV of his own death, he a ghost now