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imlukeyhemmo By imlukeyhemmo Updated Sep 29, 2015

"Well I'm not afraid that you're part of a gang. Your little act here isn't going to swoon me over or make me scared." I looked back at him intensely. His eyes were beautiful.

"Your actions say otherwise." He whispered in my ear which made my stomach all tingly. 

"I can make you scare or I can make you want me. I always get what I want."

He let go of me and stalked away, to who knows where.

Leaving me standing there all confused and shaken up, yet again.

But this time my stomach was in knots and my legs felt like jello. 

How the hell does he have an affect on me?

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taehyungjjk taehyungjjk Sep 14, 2016
The description was like 'how the hell does he have this affect on me' and I'm screaming at my computer like, "BITCH. DON'T 'HOW THE HELL DOES HE HAVE THIS AFFECT ON ME?' YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW, HE'S LUKE FUCKINGG HEMMINGS FOR GODS SAKE!" *smashes computer screen*