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Caramel Mocha Swag 1998 By The_Akward_Silence Updated Jan 06, 2017

"They all looked just the same." 

That kind of explains what a society is, right? We all look just the same. No originality in our bones. We repeat something so much that it loses it's originality and meaning. Kind of like a song you hear on the radio over and over again. Yeah, it was good the first time, but after playing it over and over again, it loses it's meaning.

Or it's flipped where you hear someone say something so much that you begin to believe it. Sounds familiar doesn't it? 

"And they all have pretty children."

These 'pretty' children aren't   so pretty after they listen to constant hatred of their role models. Causing them to become a clone and that clone makes another clone and so on and so forth. 

Now, I live in a society where I'm not welcomed. Not because I'm gay or anything like that. Gays are well liked here. Neither cause of the color of my skin, or religion. 

It's because I'm a different species. Yeah, I'm not human. Well, not anymore.

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