Skin ¦ NaruSasu √

Skin ¦ NaruSasu √

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Naruto is a high school student with a love for music. He is in a rock band called 'my last words' and isn't famous....there more like 'garage band street performer'. He has no regards to rules or school work, just one Sasuke, his polar opposite, has a love for music as well, his family also owns the most famous record company in japan. Their friends do everything they can to get Sasuke and Naruto together, but, will they ever hear each other's tune?



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No one can beat Shikamaru tho, he's the definition of 'intelligence'
                              I usually ship girl x girl in Naruto..Also boy x boy :P
no one can be smarter than shikamaru, he’s the smartest mf ever
Ok i have to say this 
                              You have the lead singer: Naruto 
                              The lead and rythmn guitars: Sakura and Gaara
                              The drummer:
                              But where is the Bass? The bass is one of the most important parts
Foreshadowing? Is this gonna hv like a connection between sasukr and naruto soon?
I like the fact that the author actually typed 'anime cried' lmao